Mark-Paul Gosselaar sutiyuq runaqa ( 1 ñiqin pawqar waray killapi 1974 watapi paqarisqa Los Angeles llaqtapi - ), huk Flag of the United States.svg USA Hukllachasqa Amirika Suyukuna mama llaqtayuq aranway pukllaq qarqan.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar (1974 - )

Warmikuna: Lisa Ann Russell (1996-2011) Catriona McGinn (2012 watamanta).
Churinkuna: Michael Charles, Ava Loren, Dekker Edward wan Lachlyn Hope.

Yachaywaai: William S. Hart High School.


Kuyu walltay
Wata Pilikula Qillqa Nota
1993 White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II Scott James
1994 The St. Tammany Miracle Carl
1995 Twisted Love D.J.
1996 Specimen Mike Hillary
1996 Sticks & Stones Dale
1996 Kounterfeit Paco / Danny
1998 Dead Man on Campus Cooper Frederickson
2001 Beer Money Tim
2015 Heist Marconi
2016 Mercancía peligrosa Jack
Wata Suti Qillqa Nota
1986 Highway to Heaven Rolf Baldt Episodio: "The Torch"
1986 Stingray Eric Murray Episodio: "Below the Line"
1986 The Twilight Zone Tim Conrad Episodio: "What Are Friends For?"
1988 Necessary Parties Chris Mills Ñawikaruy pilikula
1988 The Wonder Years Brad Gaines Episodio: "Dance with Me"
1988 Punky Brewster Walker Wimbley Episodio: "One Plus Tutor Is Three"
1988 Charles in Charge Philip Episodio: "Runaround Charles"
1988–89 Good Morning, Miss Bliss Zack Morris Elenco principal (13 episodios)
1989–93 Saved by the Bell Elenco principal (86 episodios)
1990 Murphy Brown Wes Episodio: "I Want My FYI"
1992 Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style Zack Morris Ñawikaruy pilikula
1992 Blossom Kevin Episodio: "Losing Your... Religion"
1993–94 Saved by the Bell: The College Years Zack Morris Elenco principal (19 episodios)
1994 For the Love of Nancy Tommy Walsh Ñawikaruy pilikula
1994 Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas Zack Morris
1994 Saved by the Bell: The New Class
1996 Brothers of the Frontier Hiram Holcomb Ñawikaruy pilikula
1996 She Cried No Scott Baker
1997 Dying to Belong Steven Tyler
1997 Born Into Exile Chris
1998–99 Hyperion Bay Dennis Sweeny Elenco principal (17 episodios)
2000 D.C. Pete Komisky Elenco principal (7 episodios)
2001 The Princess and the Marine Jason Johnson Ñawikaruy pilikula
2001 Beer Money Tim Maroon
2001 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Wesley Jansen / Peter Ivanhoe Episodio: "Sacrifice"
2001–05 NYPD Blue Det. John Clark, Jr. Elenco principal (76 episodios)
2002 Alikes
2002 Atomic Twister Dep. Jake Hannah Ñawikaruy pilikula
2002 Hitched Michael
2005 Over There John Moffet 2 episodios
2005–06 Commander in Chief Richard 'Dickie' McDonald Papel recurrente (10 episodios)
2006 The House Next Door Kim Ñawikaruy pilikula
2007 Law Dogs Evan Marlowe
2007 John from Cincinnati Jake Ferris 3 episodiosi
2008 Robot Chicken Zack Morris / Employee (voz) Episodio: "Boo Cocky"
2008–09 Raising the Bar Jerry Kellerman Elenco principal (25 episodios)
2010 Rizzoli & Isles Garrett Fairfield Episodio: "Money For Nothing"
2010 Weeds Jack Episodio: "Gentle Puppies"
2011–14 Franklin & Bash Peter Bash Elenco principal (40 episodios)
2011 12 Dates of Christmas Miles Ñawikaruy pilikula
2012 Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 Él mismo Episodio: "A Reunion"
2013 Men at Work Tim Episodio: "Weekend at PJ's"
2013 Happy Endings Chase Episodios: "The Ex Factor" & "Un-sabotagable"
2014 Flipping Out Él mismo Episodio: "Due Date"
2014–15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Jared Briscoe / Paul Winthrop Papel recurrente (4 episodios)
2015 Truth Be Told Mitch Elenco principal
2016 Pitch Mike Lawson
2016 Dinner at Tiffani's Él mismo Episodio: "Christmas at Tiffani's"
2016 Celebrity Name Game Él mismo
2018 Nobodies Él mismo Personaje recurrente (3 episodios)
2018 The Passage Brad Wolgast Elenco principal

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