it.flauto piccolo, ottavino; en.piccolo, octave flute; fr.petite flute
Qiru phukuna waqachinakuna

(Klingend notiert)
Verwandte Instrumente

Pitucha; The piccolo is a small flute. Like the flute, the piccolo is normally pitched in the key of C, one octave above the concert flute. Music for the piccolo is written one octave lower than concert pitch in order to avoid too many ledger lines above the staff. Fingerings on the piccolo correspond to fingerings on the flute, but sound an octave higher.

Édouard Manet: „Der Pfeifer“
"https://qu.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Pitucha&oldid=639561" p'anqamanta chaskisqa (Wikipedia, Qhichwa / Quechua)