Robert Michael Urich sutiyuq runaqa ( 19 ñiqin qhapaq raymi killapi 1946 watapi paqarisqa Toronto llaqtapi - 16 ñiqin ayriway killapi 2002 watapi wañusqa Thousand Oaks llaqtapi), huk Flag of the United States.svg HAM Hukllachasqa Amirika Suyukuna mama llaqtayuq aranway pukllaq qarqan.

Robert Urich (1946-2002)

Taytan: John Paul Urich, Maman: Cecilia Monica .
Warmikuna: Barbara Rucker (1968-1974) / Heather Menzies (1975-2002).
Churinkuna: ( )


Kuyu walltay
Wata Suti Qillqa Nuta
1973 Magnum Force Officer Mike Grimes
1982 Endangered Species Ruben Castle
1984 The Ice Pirates Jason
1984 Invitation to Hell Matt Winslow
1985 Turk 182 Terry Lynch
1988 April Morning Joseph Credit at beginning only
1989 Dragon Fight Airport Police
1992 Jock: A True Tale of Friendship Rocky Suti alternative: Jock of the Bushveld
1992 Revolver Nick Clayton
1994 Jock of the Bushveld Rocky Mountain Jack
1996 Young Again Michael Riley, Age 40
1996 The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue Angus Feagan
2002 Clover Bend Bill
Wata Suti Qillqa Nuta
1972 The F.B.I. Davie Stroud Episode: "The Runner"
1973 Kung Fu Greg Dundee Episode: "Blood Brother"
1973 Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law Episode: "A Girl Named Tham"
1973 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Bob Sanders 12 episodes
1973 Marcus Welby, M.D. Mike Lowry Episode: "Death Is Only a Side Effect"
1974 Killdozer! Mack McCarthy Ñawikaruy pilikula
1974 Nakia Episode: "A Beginning in the Wilderness"
1975 The Specialists Dr. William Nugent Ñawikaruy pilikula
Robert York
1975 Gunsmoke Manolo Etchahoun Episode: "Manolo"
1975–1976 S.W.A.T. Officer Jim Street 37 episodes
1977 Bunco Walker Ñawikaruy pilikula
1977 Soap Peter the Tennis Player 8 episodes
1977–1978 Tabitha Paul Thurston 12 episodes
1977–1978 The Love Boat Various qillqa 3 episodes
1978 Charlie's Angels Dan Tanna Episode: "Angels in Vegas"
1978–1981 Vega$ Dan Tanna 69 episodes
1979 When She Was Bad... Bob Morgan Ñawikaruy pilikula
1979 Password Plus Himself Game Show Participant / Celebrity Guest Star
1980 The Shadow Box Ñawikaruy pilikula
Manan credited
1980 Fighting Back: The Rocky Bleier Story Rocky Bleier Ñawikaruy pilikula
1981 Killing at Hell's Gate Charles Duke Ñawikaruy pilikula
1982 The Billy Crystal Comedy Hour Episode #1.2
1982 Take Your Best Shot Jess Marriner Ñawikaruy pilikula
1982–1983 Gavilan Robert Gavilan 13 episodes
1983 Princess Daisy Patrick Shannon Miniseries
1984 Mistral's Daughter Jason Darcy Miniseries
1984 His Mistress Allen Beck Ñawikaruy pilikula
1985 Scandal Sheet Ben Rowan Ñawikaruy pilikula
1985–1988 Spenser: For Hire Spenser 65 episodes
1986 The Defiant Ones Johnny "Joker" Johnson Television film
1986 The Disney Sunday Movie Michael Riley, Age 40 Episode: "Young Again"
1987 Amerika Peter Bradford Miniseries
1988 Cheers Himself Episode: "Woody for Hire Meets Norman of the Apes"
1988 Hallmark Hall of Fame Joseph Simmons Episode: "April Morning"
1988-1995 National Geographic Explorer Hosts narrator 110 episodes
1989 The Comeback Scotty Malloy Ñawikaruy pilikula
1989 She Knows Too Much Harry Ñawikaruy pilikula
1989 Lonesome Dove Jake Spoon Miniseries
1989 Night Walk Simon Ñawikaruy pilikula
1989 Spooner Harry Spooner/Michael Norlon Ñawikaruy pilikula
1990 Blind Faith Rob Marshall Ñawikaruy miniseries
1990 A Quiet Little Neighborhood, a Perfect Little Murder Ross Pegler Ñawikaruy pilikula
1990 83 Hours 'Til Dawn Bradley Burdock Ñawikaruy pilikula
1990 Carol & Company Mr. Carmen Episode: "Teacher, Teacher"
1990–1991 American Dreamer Tom Nash 17 episodes
1991 Stranger at My Door Joe Fortier Ñawikaruy pilikula
1991 ...And Then She Was Gone Jack Bauer Ñawikaruy pilikula
1992 Survive the Savage Sea Jack Carpenter Ñawikaruy pilikula
1992 Blind Man's Bluff Thomas Booker Ñawikaruy pilikula
1992 Double Edge Harry Carter Ñawikaruy pilikula
Suti alternative: Hit Woman
1992 Revolver Nick Suster Ñawikaruy pilikula
1992–1993 Crossroads Johnny Hawkins 9 episodes
1993 Evening Shade Steve Episode: "Frieda and the Preacher"
1993 Deadly Relations Leonard J. Fagot Ñawikaruy pilikula
1993 Spenser: Ceremony Spenser Ñawikaruy pilikula
1993 It Had to Be You Mitch Quinn 6 episodes
1994 Spenser: Pale Kings and Princes Spenser Ñawikaruy pilikula
1994 To Save the Children Jake Downey Ñawikaruy pilikula
1994 A Perfect Stranger Alex Hale Ñawikaruy pilikula
1994 Spenser: The Judas Goat Spenser Ñawikaruy pilikula
1995 Alien Encounters: From New Tomorrowland Narrator Disney ñawikaruy documentary
1995 Spenser: A Savage Place Spenser Ñawikaruy pilikula
1995 A Horse for Danny Eddie Fortuna Ñawikaruy pilikula
1995 She Stood Alone: The Tailhook Scandal Adm. Williams Ñawikaruy pilikula
1996 Captains Courageous Capt. Matthew Troop Ñawikaruy pilikula
1996 The Lazarus Man Lazarus (James Cathcart) 20 episodes
1997 The Nanny Judge Jerry Moran Episode: "Samson, He Denied Her"
1997 Final Descent Capt. Glen (Lucky) takiq Ñawikaruy pilikula
1998 Invasion America Briggs Unknown episodes
1998–1999 Love Boat: The Next Wave Captain Jim Kennedy III 25 episodes
1999 Final Run Glen "Lucky" Singer Ñawikaruy pilikula
1999 Miracle on the 17th Green Mitch McKinley Ñawikaruy pilikula
2001 Late Boomers Dennis Ñawikaruy pilikula
2001 For Love of Olivia Horton Roundtree Ñawikaruy pilikula
2001 Emeril Jerry McKenney 10 episodes
2002 The President's Man: A Line in the Sand President Adam Mayfield Ñawikaruy pilikula
2002 Night of the Wolf Purly Owens Ñawikaruy pilikula
2002 Aftermath Jack Ñawikaruy pilikula, (final pilikula qillqa)

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