Wikipedia:Ayllupaq p'anqa nisqapaq musuqchasqapura wakin kaynin

:* The interwikis point to the quechua version if it exists
:* If no quechua version exists, the kichwa version should have the main name and the interwikis (ex. [[Tránsito Amaguaña]]), and if someone wants to create it in quechua, then the existing page sould be moved to [[Tránsito Amaguaña (kichwa)]], without its interwikis, and the new page put in its place with the interwikis. This way, it should be easy to move all the kichwa articles to a new wikipedia in this eventuality.
:* On top of each page which has a quechua and kichwa version, there is a notice for the reader telling that this page also exists is Kichwa / :This page also exists in quechua
:This seems to me a possible policy, that would allow contributions in both variants without ugly mixed-up articles (and possibly attract some contributors from Ecuador). The basic question is : is it suitable to stay in the long run with just one quechua+kichwa wikipedia (in which case, can the articles mix both variants, or should they be in one single variant), or should we prepare a possible future split (for the long term, right now it would make no sense at all to split !), in which case we should create parallel articles. I have no satisfactory answer to that, but I think we should think about it now before it becomes a big mess.
:To make it clearer with an example, I don't know what to do with this [[Humberto Cholango]] article, I want to add stuff, but I for sure don't want to replace everything with kichwa which would be an obvious lack of respect for the previous contributors, and destroy information. I don't really want to mix up both variants either because the result would be hardly understandable and quite ugly, so maybe two parallel articles is the best short-term solution. I don't know, and I'm interested in the opinion of the historical contributors of this wikipedia. --[[Ruraq:Sylvain2803|Sylvain2803]] 16:39 13 awr 2011 (UTC)


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