Wikipedia:Ayllupaq p'anqa nisqapaq musuqchasqapura wakin kaynin

::::That's good. I am convinced that a Kichwa Wikipedia will turn out to be necessary in the long run. The sooner it is established the better to avoid numerous unsatisfying interim arrangements in this WP and to finally enable people from Ecuador to read and write WP articles in their own language. -- [[Ruraq:CaTi0604|CaTi0604]] 07:13 14 awr 2011 (UTC)
::::: OK, thanks a lot AlimanRuna for having done this, even though I probably won't have much time in the forthcoming months. That sounds like a good solution, I hope they accept this in spite of the lack of an ISO code. Another point in favor of this wikipedia would be this article of the Constitution of Ecuador : ''El castellano es el idioma oficial del Ecuador; el castellano, el kichwa y el shuar son idiomas oficiales de relación intercultural'' which strongly points to the official and recognized status of this language - I guess that's what the guys at th WM foundation are trying to evaluate (Art. 2 in the ''Preambulo'', cf. []). Regarding the traduction of the mediawiki message, as far as I know there is no automatic translator for kichwa, but I can do it progressively with the help of the existing Qhichwa messages. Maybe a link to [] might make it clear that kichwa does have an existence - linguistically and not just from an administrative point of view. --[[Ruraq:Sylvain2803|Sylvain2803]] 08:40 14 awr 2011 (UTC)
::::::OK, I put these elements on the request, let's see what happens. --[[Ruraq:Sylvain2803|Sylvain2803]] 10:36 14 awr 2011 (UTC)
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