Wikipedia:Ayllupaq p'anqa nisqapaq musuqchasqapura wakin kaynin

::::: OK, thanks a lot AlimanRuna for having done this, even though I probably won't have much time in the forthcoming months. That sounds like a good solution, I hope they accept this in spite of the lack of an ISO code. Another point in favor of this wikipedia would be this article of the Constitution of Ecuador : ''El castellano es el idioma oficial del Ecuador; el castellano, el kichwa y el shuar son idiomas oficiales de relación intercultural'' which strongly points to the official and recognized status of this language - I guess that's what the guys at th WM foundation are trying to evaluate (Art. 2 in the ''Preambulo'', cf. []). Regarding the traduction of the mediawiki message, as far as I know there is no automatic translator for kichwa, but I can do it progressively with the help of the existing Qhichwa messages. Maybe a link to [] might make it clear that kichwa does have an existence - linguistically and not just from an administrative point of view. --[[Ruraq:Sylvain2803|Sylvain2803]] 08:40 14 awr 2011 (UTC)
::::::OK, I put these elements on the request, let's see what happens. --[[Ruraq:Sylvain2803|Sylvain2803]] 10:36 14 awr 2011 (UTC)
Alli puncha mashikuna, AlimanRuna ñami [ kaypi] shuk mushuk wikipidiya rurarka, ña shuk [ Kapak pankata] shuk [ Aswa wasitapash] charinchikmi, shinapash ashta yanapanata mutsunimi mashikuna, [|Kapak pankata] allichinkapa ! Ahta kashkawan. --[[Ruraq:Sylvain2803|Sylvain2803]] 11:04 19 awr 2011 (UTC)
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"" p'anqamanta chaskisqa (Wikipedia, Qhichwa / Quechua)