Wankayo is the capital city of the peruvien Hunin region.

Allin hamupayLlamk'apuy

Allin hamupay Sumiaz masillay!

Kay Wikipidiyaman hamusqaykiqa anchatam kusichiwanmi.

Qallarinaykipaqqa kay p'anqakunatam qhawaykiman:

Rimachinapi qillqaspaykiqa, ama qunqaychu tawantin tilde nisqa ~~~~ sananchakunawan silq'uyta.

Ratullakama masiy. -- AlimanRunawillaway 20:24 2 phi 2014 (UTC)

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Arí, atinkim (yes, you can). Just ask me whatever you want on my talk page, in QU, EN, ES or whatever. However, it can happen that you have to wait some days for an answer. :-) -- AlimanRunawillaway 10:44 13 phi 2014 (UTC)

Transcription of Spanish names into QhichwaLlamk'apuy

I think, this master thesis can be quite helpful for transcriptions. I also added it as external link to Wikipidiya:Allin qillqay:

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I'm willing to contribute on your countries names page, should I send you my suggestions in private? Or should I just edit and add my suggestions along yours onto your page?

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"https://qu.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ruraq_rimanakuy:Sumiaz&oldid=620449" p'anqamanta chaskisqa (Wikipedia, Qhichwa / Quechua)